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bulk email marketing software

We have sent billions of emails to date and our customers enjoy using our simple but effective bulk email software. We can help you grow your business by using this most powerful direct form of marketing. Grow your revenue 💵 by sending millions of emails 📤 and attracting hundreds of customers through highly effective targeting and customer personalisation. Bring your own SMTP servers or use one of our integration partners.


⚡ 2. SEND

〽️ 3. TRACK

We integrate with every major email delivery service provider!

Personalise Campaign

Use important customer data from apps like Shopify and Salesforce to customise your marketing campaigns.

Reach on Time

Timing is crucial for generating great ROI. We can help you reach your customers at the right time.

Add Relevance

Design relevant and beautiful email marketing campaigns with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Beautiful Emails

Choose from 100’s of beautiful, industry-specific email templates we have created

Powerful Autoresponders

Trigger your email campaigns in many ways and forms. You can set it to be sequential or filtered

Email Campaign Tools

Our software is bundled with tools like built-in spam checks, tailored optimizations and inbox previews

100% Deliverability

DKIM, SPF, Spam Filtering, Dedicated IPs, Whitelisting with ESPs to help you land your email in the inbox

Track your Success

Powerful Analytics which measure every cent of data from Campaigns to Auto-responders for decision-making

Contacts Management

Unlimited mailing lists with limitless contacts and ability to manage and filter them as you choose

A/B Split Testing

Create multiple versions of your campaigns and see what performs the best and what doesn’t with ease

Customer Segmentation

Track your customers’ interests, attributes and segment emails based on their behavioral profiles

We keep our pricing REAL simple!

Pay for the number of emails you send and cancel anytime you like - no nasty contracts or commitments...

Monthly Plans

Perfect if you know exactly how many emails you will be sending in a month. We charge you a flat rate every month and you don’t have to worry about sender reputation, SMTPs, and other technical aspects. This is ideal for sending regular newsletters.

BYO Provider Plans

Perfect for sending large number of emails through an SMTP provider of your choice. You can choose from a range of partner companies like Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Elastic Email, Sparkpost, Mailgun, and more. You just pay us for using our software.


BMW    Vodafone    FedEx    Deloitte    5M Publishing

Starting from as low as $0.05/1000 emails...

No Contracts. 📎 No Hidden Charges. 💸 No Strings Attached. 💣

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